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Saturday, 24. August 2002
  1. How do I change the title of my page?
    • Change the title by going to "Preferences" link.
    • You can also change the Language/Country or date Format.
    • Selecting the option "weblog is public" will allow others to view your webpage.
    • Number of days on frontpage: 10 to 30 (So that you can read the old articles on the main page itself. You can click on the calendar, to read old articles.)
    • "Welcome to" is the title of this page.
  2. How can I edit a story?
    Click on "stories" and then choose either "edit" or "delete" options. You can also "create a story".

  3. How can I add an image?

    • Click on "images" and then click on "add new image" link.
    • Using the name, you will be able to insert this image.
      for eg. typing the line (% image name="nameofyourimage" %) will add an image called "nameofyourimage" to your webpage.
    • You can also type the regular HTML tag like show below to add an image.
      (img src="")
  4. what is files?
    • If you want to link to an external HTML file, you can add it to files.
    • Click on "add new file" link and then upload the HTML file to the server.
    • Now you can link it by inserting the line (% file name="hover" %) where hover is the name of the file (hover.htm)
    • You can also link to an external file using a link for eg.
  5. How do I change my password?
    Click on "edit your profile" link and change the password.

  6. What is the web address of my webpage?
    The web address is where the "you" is your screen name you chose at the time of registration. This screen Name can not be changed! My address is

  7. Are HTML Tags allowed?

    • YES Almost all the HTML Tags are allowed.
    • If you want to link to html file, just type the full path like
    • If you want to create a regular html link, you can type visit my site
    • If you want to link to gif or jpg file, use the regular img src Tag.
    • If you want to link to local html files or images (through images or files), you have to use < with % and use either file name="name" or image name="image". This code should end with % and >.
  8. How do I take my story offline?
    • Click on "Story" link.
    • Click on "set offline" link next to the story you want to hide from your site visitors.
    • You can still read the story and edit it. You can make it online anytime.
  9. How will you describe antville?
    antville is an open source project aimed to the
    development of an "easy to maintain and use"
    weblog-hosting system. It is entirely written in
    JavaScript and based on Helma, a powerful and fast
    scriptable open source web application server (which
    itself is written in Java).
    The first antville weblog was published on 28 June 2001. And thousands of weblogs are already online!

Shantanu Oak


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