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Wednesday, 8. August 2018

Here is how to read a JSON file into pandas dataframe.

import json
import pandas as pd

with open('/tmp/aclImdb/movie_data/gv.json', 'r') as f:
data = json.load(f)


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Saturday, 4. August 2018
managing servers using python

Fabric is a high level Python library designed to execute shell commands remotely over SSH, yielding useful Python objects in return:
a#!/usr/bin/env python
from fabric.api import hosts, run, task
from fabric.tasks import execute

def test():
run('hostname -f')

if name == 'main':

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Sunday, 20. May 2018
backup mysql users

It is easy to backup mysql users -

perl pt-show-grants

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About python

1 everything is an object (class instances)
2 methods depends upon class of the instance
3 int,str and tuple are immutability, dict and list are mutable
4 dict keys are unique but series allows duplicate
5 list comprehension
6 slice of dict, str, list
7 dynamically typed
8 iterables are str, list, dict but int are not
9 functions are first class objects and can be applied just like built-in classes

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Wednesday, 16. May 2018
mysql and shell command

date -d"-1 day ago" +'%b%d'

equals to

mysql -Bse"select date_format(date(date_add(now() , interval 1 day)),'%b%d')"

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Saturday, 12. May 2018
Preserving comments in Stored Procedure

You can write multi line comments in a stored procedure by following mysql to think that it is a version specific code.

Multi line comment, retained by mysql
not executed till it reaches the mysql version 9999 :))

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Wednesday, 25. April 2018
Custom slack command

Here are 5 steps to add any API to your slack channel.

A) Click on "Build" button on App Directory page of slack.
B) choose "Make a Custom Integration" button
C) select Slash Commands
D) Create a new command called /dest2 and add the URL mentioned above
E) Choose GET Method and save the command.

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Wednesday, 10. January 2018
stack bookmarklet

This bookmarklet will help to quickly access stack pages linking to current page

stack link

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Friday, 22. December 2017
Manage S3 like rsync

create bucket

aws s3 mb s3://johntest123/

rsync all files from a given folder to S3 bucket:

aws s3 sync /home/ec2-user/ s3://johntest123/

Remove bucket

aws s3 rb --force s3://johntest123/

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Friday, 10. November 2017
apache docker container issues

If apache docker container does not start then make these changes...

vi /etc/sysctl.conf
net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1
fs.file-max = 50000000

Reboot or restart service:
sysctl -p

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