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Monday, 5. August 2019
Types in AWS CNF

List of important Types in Amazon Cloud Formation tool:

IAM (User, Group, Policy, AccessKey, Role)
Athena (NamedQuery)
Route53 (RecordSetGroup)
EC2 (SecurityGroup::Id, KeyPair::KeyName, SpotFleet)
Lambda (Function, Permission)
Events (Rule)
ApiGateway (RestApi, Method, Deployment)
Logs (LogGroup)

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Tuesday, 25. June 2019
codes used for classification

Standard codes used for classification:
1 SC
5 ST
7 Orphan

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Sunday, 2. June 2019
Shell scripting basics

Here are 8 important concepts of Shell scripting that everyone should know.

1) Exit Code Status $?
2) here_doc
3) if_else

if [[ $mystatus = 'No' ]];then
echo "slave down"
echo "slave ok"

4) For loop

for i in ls
cp $path$i $new_path

5) Positional Parameters $1, $2, $#, $@

6) Variables

7) Functions
for socket in {2..9}
mysqladmin shutdown $socket

8) Globbing - t?est [ab] [a-c] [^ab] {b,c,test*}

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Saturday, 30. March 2019
schema conversion tool

This seems to be a useful tool to convert mysql or oracle schema to redshift. select queries can also be migrated easily using...

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Tuesday, 26. March 2019
Install packetbeat

In order to install packetbeat, you may need to change the windows security setting.

C:\packetbeat> Set-ExecutionPolicy

Supply values for the following parameters:
ExecutionPolicy: unrestricted

Now you can install packetbeat using...
C:\packetbeat> .\install-service-packetbeat.ps1

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Sunday, 17. March 2019
python itertools module

from itertools import groupby
s = 'abcccccbba'

for w, v in groupby(s):
print (''.join(w), ''.join(v))

a a
b b
c ccccc
b bb
a a

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Saturday, 16. March 2019
audio visual modules for Machine Learning

Here is the list of some of the modules used for audio-visual processing using deep learning.

chroma: Feature Learning for Chord Recognition: The Deep Chroma Extractor
MFCC: Mel-frequency cepstral coefficients (MFCCs) are coefficients that collectively make up an MFC
TCD-TIMIT: An Audio-Visual Corpus of Continuous Speech
RBF: Radial Basis Function
HMM: Hidden Markov Model
VGG: Resnet 50
voxceleb-luigi: Luigi pipeline to download VoxCeleb audio from YouTube and extract speaker segments

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Tuesday, 8. January 2019
google module

module for google search

!pip install google

from googlesearch import search
for url in search('"Breaking Code" WordPress blog', stop=10):

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Wednesday, 26. December 2018
Python date and time

from datetime import datetime
date_string = "21 June, 2018"
date_object = datetime.strptime(date_string, "%d %B, %Y")

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Sunday, 16. December 2018
Infer types in pandas

This will return the mixed datatypes but this can be slow.

df.applymap(type).nunique() > 1

Better approach pythonic approach would be...

from pandas.api.types import infer_dtype


df.apply(lambda x: 'mixed' in infer_dtype(x))

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