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Yahoo Site Explorer

Yahoo’s new Site Explorer shows which pages are indexed from a specific domain, and which backlinks point to the domain. I’m a bit underwhelmed by what I see – couldn’t they just allow [site:] and [link:] operators in their web search? – but maybe I’m missing something.
I have created a yubnub command for it.
will list all the pages from the website!

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Under construction

If you have not finished designing a page, don't display a funny gif or "coming soon" message. Instead, add the following JavaScript code to the link so that the visitors will save time loading the page, which in fact is "under construction"!
(a href="#" onclick="javascript: alert('To be added soon...'); return false;")Articles(/a)

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Escaped URL

Enter the following into the address bar of your browser:
javascript:prompt("escaped url",escape(""))
Replace the http:// part with your own site, to get the escaped URL ready to be used in the address bar.

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Atten: Quickbase - FireFox Users

I have created a search plug-in for my "bookmarks" application. You can easily create one for your table by changing the database ID. Replace the () with the regular opening and closing tags. Save the following code with an extension of .src (for e.g. quick.src)
in the following directory.
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins
description="QuickBase Search"
(input name="act" value="QuickSearch")
(input name="srchtxt" user)

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More about Source Code

This is an explorer bar for Microsoft Internet Explorer. The explorer bar displays a tree view providing quick-access to the source code for a web page, including frames and external scripts and style sheets.

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PHP Advanced Transfer Manager

How do you manage your files?
Yahoo! briefcase allows you free 30 MB diskspace to save your files. But you can't share your files with others and managing the Yahoo briefcase is not user friendly.
The another alternative is purchasing a server where you can upload your files and users can simply visit the directory where you have saved the files and click on it to download.
for eg.
This method is the simplest one but has a lot of disadvantages and limitations.
You need Advanced File Manager.
It will let your users upload/download files from your server. Features user accounts, user descriptions for files and upload dates.

  • User can delete or modify its own files
  • User can sort files by name, upload date, downloads
  • Possibility to view contents of ZIP archives without downloading
  • User can subscribe on everyday digest of uploaded files list via e-mail
  • Users can get small files by e-mail

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Streaming not screaming

I tried to avoid all type of music on the net since the quality was poor and it required a lot of efforts on both sides, A programmer and the user. Not Any More. Andromeda - is simple and powerful tool to play a full album or folder with a click. If you have a server with ASP or PHP support please click on the following link and download the software in zip format.
Upload the andromeda.php file in a new folder and also upload all the MP3 files you will like to share with others. Now when the user access the file, he will see the index of all the files, he will click on the file and it will start the song! It is not like any other file download since it takes your MP3 collection and turns it into a fully featured, on-demand, streaming website, one of the slickest looking systems.

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Pleasant Surprise

The geeks are.... well geeks. They don't answer your emails. They don't have an eye for design. They don't understand humor. and so on...
I met an expert today (ofcourse online) Thomas Tremain, who is really an expert, knows what he can do and can't and delivers. Here is his site....
You can but 40 MB server space for a little more than a dollar! The server is pre-installed with a wide array of softwares. Highly recommended!

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Database GUI miracle

In the bad old days I used to telnet to the MySQL server and type select * from table; and then try to understand clueless error message. phpMyAdmin was a good solution to end the DOS style disaster But even MyAdmin was lacking something. Here is the miracle of Dadabase front end.
Browsing the database is just like browsing any other website. The no-frills design is easy to understand, fast and it simply works! You can use the demo version to create and learn SQL database.

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SQL - The future of database and the web

If you are thinking of learning SQL it's the right time to start! You can check SQL FAQ on my website. Once you understand basic concept of database and simple commands like select, insert etc. you can easily learn any database like Oracle or MySql. PHP 5.0 Beta released on July 17, 2003 has been bundled with SQLite, a stripped-down version of mysql. It means most of the webservers in the future will have one or the other SQL 92 compliant database pre-installed. Isn't it the right time to add a topic called "SQL" in the schools?

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