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Backup mysql data using innobackup


innobackupex --user=USERNAME --password=PASSWORD --no-timestamp /data/backups/new_backup <--(PATH OF BACKUP)
innobackupex --apply-log /data/backups/new_backup


service mysql stop
mkdir /tmp/mysql
mv /var/lib/mysql/* /tmp/mysql/
innobackupex --copy-back /data/backups/new_backup <--(PATH OF BACKUP WHERE IS STORED)
chown -R mysql: /var/lib/mysql
service mysql start

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Tuning MySQL

Getting the shell script:


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download Enterprise backup

1) Access My Oracle Support.
2) Click on Patches & Updates navigation tab near the top of the screen.
3) In the Patch Search section, click on the Product or Family (Advanced Search) link
4) Type MySQL Enterprise Backup into the Product drop down list
5) select the latest release
6) Click the Search button.

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disable innodb

The MySQL server can still be started without InnoDB in 5.6 using the following options


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Why not blog or text columns?

BLOB/TEXT columns are stored in an external hidden table. First 256B are stored inline in main table. Reading a BLOB/TEXT requires two reads. One for reading the Main table + reading from hidden table.

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Percona xtrabackup commands

/ Tar-compatible file
innobackupex-1.5.1 --stream=tar ./ > backup.tar

/ Compress
innobackupex-1.5.1 --stream=tar ./ | gzip - > backup.tar.gz

/ Copy to remote host
innobackupex-1.5.1 --stream=tar ./ | ssh vadim@desthost "cat - > /data/vol1/mysqluc/backup.tar“

/ set up slave
innobackupex-1.5.1 --stream=tar /tmp/ --slave-info | ssh user@DESTSERVER "tar xfi - -C /DESTDIR“

innobackupex-1.5.1 --apply-log --use-memory=2G /DESTDIR

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Innodb Monitor table

Monitor table is a way of communicating directly to the InnoDB storage engine by creating a table of a special name.
Additional debugging information is then written to MySQL’s error log. For example:


/ view to the error log /

DROP TABLE innodb_monitor;

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Starting mysql

When you have installed mysql from source, you will need to change the directory to the source installation and then start the mysql in safe mode.

cd /usr/local/mysql/


If the socket file location is chantged in the my.cnf then you will need to provide it while logging into mysql.

/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql --socket=/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock

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mysql troubleshooting

The following information is required to analyse any mysql issue

  1. my.cnf configuration file
  2. mysql error log
  3. Output of SQL commands:

show global variables;
show global status;
show /!50101 engine / innodb status\G

  1. Output of shell commands in file /tmp/linux_output.txt:
    top -b -n 1 >> /tmp/linux_output.txt
    mount -v >> /tmp/linux_output.txt
    df -h >> /tmp/linux_output.txt
    egrep -i "err|fault|mysql" /var/log/* >> /tmp/linux_output.txt

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Killing mysql

Here are a few ways to kill mysql process.

mysqladmin shutdown
kill -TERM nnnn
killalll mysqld
kill -TERM pidof mysqld
kill -TERM cat /var/run/

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