Thanks to
log mysql output

tee output.txt
show global variables;
show engine innodb status\G
show full processlist;
show global status;
select sleep(60);
show engine innodb status\G
show full processlist;
show global status;

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change log file size in MySQL

Here are the steps to be followed while changing the log file size in mysql:

1) SET GLOBAL innodb_fast_shutdwn = 1;
2) Stop the mysqld server and check the end of the error log file to ensure that the shutdown was clean.
3) Move the existing log files to another location for extra safety.
4) Make the size change in the my.cnf and restart.

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MySQL common error messages

1146 Table does not exist
1054 column does not exist
1062 duplicate entry for primary key
1406 Data too long for column
1064 sql syntax error
1111 invalid use of group function
1366 incorrect integer value
1046 No database selected

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compare mysql schema

And here is poor man's schema compare using good old diff command...

mysqldump nasik1 --no-data > nasik1.sql

mysqldump -h1.2.3.4 murtizapur --no-data > murtizapur.sql

diff murtizapur.sql nasik1.sql --side-by-side --suppress-common-lines | grep -v ENGINE | grep -v BTREE > to_study.txt

Or use one of the packages:

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Rank mysql records using variables

SET @rank = 0, @prev_val = NULL;

SELECT rank, correct FROM (
SELECT @rank := IF(@prev_val=correct,@rank,@rank+1) AS rank,
@prev_val := correct AS correct, uid
FROM quiz_user ORDER BY correct DESC
)as result WHERE uid=xxxxxxxxxxxx

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backup mysql users

It is easy to backup mysql users -

perl pt-show-grants

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mysql and shell command

date -d"-1 day ago" +'%b%d'

equals to

mysql -Bse"select date_format(date(date_add(now() , interval 1 day)),'%b%d')"

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Preserving comments in Stored Procedure

You can write multi line comments in a stored procedure by following mysql to think that it is a version specific code.

Multi line comment, retained by mysql
not executed till it reaches the mysql version 9999 :))

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percona utility

We can re-create mysql users using the percona utility.


chmod 777 pt-show-grants


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Backup mysql data using innobackup


innobackupex --user=USERNAME --password=PASSWORD --no-timestamp /data/backups/new_backup <--(PATH OF BACKUP)
innobackupex --apply-log /data/backups/new_backup


service mysql stop
mkdir /tmp/mysql
mv /var/lib/mysql/* /tmp/mysql/
innobackupex --copy-back /data/backups/new_backup <--(PATH OF BACKUP WHERE IS STORED)
chown -R mysql: /var/lib/mysql
service mysql start

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