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Preserve seeds

6 types of seeds to be preserved for next season.

1) laal Mula

2) Ramphal

3) Jam

4) Badishep

5) Galgal

6) Chinese cabbage

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important leafy vegetables
  1. Amaranthus caudatus: rajgira.
  2. Amaranthus tricolor: Math. (Chhoti Chulai- Hindi, Cheera- Malayalam)
  3. Amarnthus blitum: tamda math.
  4. Amaranthus oleracea: tandulja.

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Holidays in India

These are the common holidays celebrated in India (Mumbai) during 2016 - 17

08-April Friday Guddi Padwa
1-May Sunday Maharashtra Day
15-Aug Monday Independence Day
05-Sept Monday Ganesh Chaturthi
02-Oct Sunday Gandhi Jayanti
11-Oct Tuesday Dussehra
30-Oct Sunday Diwali
31-Oct Monday Lakshmi Pooja
25-Dec Sunday Christmas
26-Jan Thursday Republic Day
13-March Monday Holi

List FY 2013- 14
Gudi Padwa 11-Apr Thursday
Maharshtra Day 1-May Wednesday
Independence Day 15-Aug Thursday
Rakshabandhan 21-Aug Wednesday
Ganesh Chaturthi 9-Sep Monday
Gandhi Jayanti 2-Oct Wednesday
Dasera 14-Oct Monday
Laxmi Puja 3-Nov Sunday
New Year 4-Nov Monday
Bhai Duj 5-Nov Tuesday
Chirstmas 25-Dec Wednesday
Republic Day 26-Jan Sunday
Holi 17-Mar Monday
Gudi Padwa 31- Mar-2014 Monday

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LibreOffice version conflict

I am not able to install latest version of Libre office. I get an error message for file LibreOffice_6.3.4_Win_x86.msi

LibreOffice can not be installed on this Windows version. Windows 7 SP1 or newer is required.

The fix is easy. Download earlier version for e.g. 6.2 version file:


This site is very slow and may take 10 or 20 times more time to download older version compared to the latest one!

If I try the 64 bit version file LibreOffice_6.3.4_Win_x64.msi then I get the processor error like this:

This installation package is not supported by this processor type. Contact your product vendor.

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Cloudmapper using docker

A docker wrapper for the Cloudmapper application, used for visualizing AWS infrastructure.

git clone
cd docker-cloudmapper
Edit .env file and add your AWS key, secret, region, and account name.
docker-compose build (go get a cup of coffee)
docker-compose up -d

Go to localhost:8000 and enjoy!

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codes used for classification

Standard codes used for classification:
1 SC
5 ST
7 Orphan

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Shell scripting basics

Here are 8 important concepts of Shell scripting that everyone should know.

1) Exit Code Status $?
2) here_doc
3) if_else

if [[ $mystatus = 'No' ]];then
echo "slave down"
echo "slave ok"

4) For loop

for i in ls
cp $path$i $new_path

5) Positional Parameters $1, $2, $#, $@

6) Variables

7) Functions
for socket in {2..9}
mysqladmin shutdown $socket

8) Globbing - t?est [ab] [a-c] [^ab] {b,c,test*}

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Extract words from Marathi wikipedia

1) Download the polyglot pickled marathi model
mv 12FI1xV polyglot-mt.pkl

2) Extract all the words from the embedding

from polyglot.mapping import Embedding
with open('myfile.txt', 'w') as fx:
for i in embeddings.vocabulary:

3) Download the wordlist:

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Custom slack command

Here are 5 steps to add any API to your slack channel.

A) Click on "Build" button on App Directory page of slack.
B) choose "Make a Custom Integration" button
C) select Slash Commands
D) Create a new command called /dest2 and add the URL mentioned above
E) Choose GET Method and save the command.

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stack bookmarklet

This bookmarklet will help to quickly access stack pages linking to current page

stack link

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