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Activate IAM Access

To activate the Activate IAM Access setting, you must log in to your AWS account using the root user credentials, and then select the setting in the My Account page.

select the check box that says "Activate IAM Access" in the section "IAM User and Role Access to Billing Information".

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Create config file for AWS command line tool

While creating amazon config file in a shell script, use cat with heredoc like this..

cat > myconfigfile.txt << "heredoc"

export AWS_CONFIG_FILE=./myconfigfile.txt

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access AWS API gateway using python

Amazon API gateway allows us to host serverless API's those can talk to cloud or on-premises databases. Here is 5 lines of python code to use the API

from urllib.request import Request, urlopen


q = Request(url)
q.add_header('uname', '472202986990')
data = urlopen(q).read().decode('UTF-8')

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Using boto

In the bad old days, the glacier class used to have different layers.

import boto.glacier.layer2
l2 = boto.glacier.layer2.Layer2(aws_access_key_id='xxx', aws_secret_access_key='xxx')

Now the client is all you need!

import boto3
gc = boto3.client("glacier",
aws_access_key_id="xxx", aws_secret_access_key="xxx",)

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Steps to be used for generating AWS API gateway

a) Method Execution - Get Method Request - URL Query String Parameters - add a variable: cmnumber

b) Method Execution - Get Integration Request - Mapping Templates - Content-Type - application/json - Mapping template

{"mnumber": "$input.params('cmnumber')"}

"requestTemplates": {
     "application/json": {
        "querystring": "$input.params().querystring"

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docker on ARM

Here are 5 commands to run docker on ARM processors:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
curl -fsSL -o && sh
sudo usermod -aG docker $USER
sudo docker run --rm -it -p 80:80 jasonrandrews/php-example

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Weekly Email Notification

enable Weekly Email Notification from the Trusted Advisor.

1) Open the AWS Management Console.
2) Go to the Trusted Advisor service.
3) Select Preferences from the sub-navigation.
4) Enable weekly email notifications.

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Use SNS topic to send marbot alarms by email

1. Open the AWS SNS Management Console
2. Create and select a SNS topic
3. Click on Actions > Subscribe to Topic

4. Choose HTTPS as the protocol and set the endpint to:

5. Configure your CloudWatch Alarms to send notifications to the SNS topic.

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Managing EBS volumes

lsblk prints all block devices in a tree-like format.

xvda    202:0    0   8G  0 disk
└─xvda1 202:1    0   8G  0 part /
xvdf    202:80   0  90G  0 disk

If file command on the disk identifier "xvdf" shows simply "data", then there is no file system on the device and you need to create one.

file -s /dev/xvdf
/dev/xvdf: data

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Types in AWS CNF

List of important Types in Amazon Cloud Formation tool:

IAM (User, Group, Policy, AccessKey, Role)
Athena (NamedQuery)
Route53 (RecordSetGroup)
EC2 (SecurityGroup::Id, KeyPair::KeyName, SpotFleet)
Lambda (Function, Permission)
Events (Rule)
ApiGateway (RestApi, Method, Deployment)
Logs (LogGroup)

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