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upgrade ubuntu

Upgrade from 14.04 to 15.04 is a 2 step journey.

sudo nano /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades
change the value to normal

And then use this command twice!
sudo do-release-upgrade

You can check your ubuntu version:

lsb_release -a
Description: Ubuntu 15.04

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Libre office on centOS

Here is how to install Libre office on centOS

64 bit

32 bit

tar xvf LibreOffice_4.4.4_Linux_x86_rpm.tar.gz

rpm -Uvh LibreOffice_4.4.4.3_Linux_x86_rpm/RPMS/*.rpm

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manage iso image file

Here is how you can open and copy files from an iso image.

mkdir /mnt/iso
mount -t iso9660 -o loop /root/Downloads/ubuntu-15.04-desktop-i386.iso /mnt/iso/

ls /mnt/iso/

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Create a Reverse SSH Tunnel

on Remote server:
ssh -fN -R 7000:localhost:22 username@yourMachine-ipaddress

Now do an ssh connection request from your machine to your own machine at port 7000:
ssh username@localhost -p 7000

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avoid key prompt

Here is a simple tip that will avoid RSA key fingerprint authentication. Edit /etc/ssh/ssh_config for global configuration or ~/.ssh/config for user-specific configuration.

Host 192.168.0.*
StrictHostKeyChecking no

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Killing mysql

Here are a few ways to kill mysql process.

mysqladmin shutdown
kill -TERM nnnn
killalll mysqld
kill -TERM pidof mysqld
kill -TERM cat /var/run/

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Managing top

While the output of the top command displayed, press F, which will display all fields available for sorting, press n (which is for sorting the processes by Memory) and press enter.

press c, which will display full pathname of running processes

press 1 (number one), which will display the performance data of the individual CPUs.

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Know more about your server

You can get information about the make, model and serial number of the equipment as shown below:

dmidecode -t system

What is the maximum RAM supported by the system?

dmidecode -t 16

Currently installed RAM

cat /proc/meminfo | grep -i memtotal

Memory slots occupied

/usr/sbin/dmidecode -t 17 | grep -i size

// know more about running processes


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Sending file attachments

Here is a quick way to send files from any server where mutt is installed.

echo "Attaching a file " | mutt -s "file attachment" -a /root/somefile.txt --

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correcting date

A few packages are dependent upon the server time. If the date is incorretly set, it will throw an exception as shown below.

s3cmd ls

ERROR: S3 error: 403 (RequestTimeTooSkewed): The difference between the request time and the current time is too large.


Afer updating the date using ntpdate command, the s3cmd command started working as expected.

date command can also be used

date +%Y%m%d -s "20130514"

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