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On July 1, 03 Mark Fletcher (developer of egroups) launched Bloglines.
Bloglines is a server-based news aggregator. With it, you can subscribe to your favorite blogs and newsfeeds. It will then track changes to those sites, making it easy for you to keep up to date with the blogs you read. You can download and install software like Feed Reader or Awasu. I have stopped installing any software on my windows machine. I use multiple machines and multiple operating systems, so a server-based solution made the most sense. There are many other advantages to using a service instead of downloading a program.

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Make your PrintScreen (and alt-print screen - to select dialog boxes) button work the way it ought. Save to file (bmp, png, jpg), print to printer, or copy to dumb ol' clipboard. Works in any version of windows since Win95, and it's only 95k.
This and many other useful utilities...

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quick way to launch your favorite site!

You can use Favorites Menu or quick launch toolbar near Start button.
Visit the site you will like to add to quick launch toolbar and then drag the address to the toolbar by clicking and dragging the icon that looks like a piece of paper with the Internet Explorer logo on it in the Address field to the toolbar. Now right click on the newly created shortcut and change the icon or set a shortcut like Ctrl + Alt + y for yahoo.
You can also increase the size of the icons (view-large) and have the name of shortcut written next to it (show text). Just right click anywhere in the blank space of the quick launch toolbar to change it's appearance!

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Java VM

How to Check If You Have the Microsoft VM
To determine if you have the Microsoft VM installed on your computer:
If you are running Microsoft Windows 98 or Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me)

  • click Start, and then click Run

  • Type: command

  • At the command prompt, type: jview
If a message displays information about Java, you have the Microsoft VM installed on your computer.

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Favorites for Addresses

If you'd prefer to use Favorites instead of an address book to organize your email, do this:
In Internet Explorer, click on Favorites and Add to Favorites. Type the addressee's name in the Add Favorite dialog box and click OK. Then, right click on the newly added Favorite and select Properties. Replace the information in the URL text box with "mailto:" (without the quotes) followed by the email address and click OK. Selecting this favorite now opens the email composition window with the desired email address already entered. Go one step further by right clicking on the new Favorite, select Send to and clicking on Desktop to place the Favorite as an icon on your desktop. For even greater convenience, right click on the desktop icon and assign a shortcut key in the space provided.

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Organize the Links Toolbar

When using IE's Links bar, it soon becomes apparent that space is an issue. Adding just a few links to the toolbar will quickly use up all of the on-screen space. Add a folder to your links toolbar to organize your bookmarks and increase the usable space of the toolbar. Any links placed within a folder on the toolbar will appear in a dropdown menu when the folder is clicked on. Giving the new folder a descriptive name will aid you in keeping your links organized.
To add a new folder to your Links/Personal Toolbar:

  1. Go to Favorites.
  2. Click Organize Favorites.
  3. Click on the Links folder.
  4. Add new folders to the Links toolbar by clicking on the Create Folder button.
  5. Drag and drop your links or other folders into the new folder to have them appear on the Links toolbar.

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My Home

Touching F6 to highlight the Address Bar and typing two periods (..) will take you to your home page. Or still better use Alt+Home to go to your home page.
With Internet Explorer, you can take the long way to set up your home (start) page by clicking on Tools|Internet Options|General to Home page and clicking to use the current open site.
Or you can simply left click on the icon immediately to the left of the link in the address bar while the desired site is open, hold the mouse key down and drag to the icon that resembles a house. Let go, and you'll be asked to confirm that you want the site to be your home page.

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IE security settings

I like to change the settings to speed up the Internet experience and to improve my browsing experience. There is however one thing I learned today, don't fiddle with the settings if you are not sure why it is there in the first place. I deselected the following from Tools - Internet Options - Advance Tab - Security section.
SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0, PCT 1.0
And guess what happened? I could not check my bank account! (Which use secure settings!)
So next time the expert (like me!) tell you to do something, take the advice with a pinch of salt. And don't forget what you did. You may need to go back.

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"Must Have" utilities for Internet Users!

Here are two "must have" utilities for Internet Users.
It's highly recommended that an expert should install the software.

Is there any better way than to copy and paste the information from IE to Word?
IE Text Archiver enables you to highlight text on a web page viewed with Internet Explorer 5 or higher and save the highlighted text with a simple right-click to a text file in a specified folder on your local hard drive.
It saves you the steps of having to manually copy the text, open a text editor, paste the selection, find a place to store it, then save it, and combines them into a single right-click.

Is the "Spell Check" utility available for Internet Explorer?
When you install the script, you'll find a new item in your right-click context menu. Highlight any text and then right-click it. Select Spelling from the context menu.

If you want to use this method, make sure you have
WSH (Windows Scripting Host) installed. Go to Add-Remove Programs in the Control Panel, click the Windows Setup tab, and see if there is a checkmark next to Windows Scripting Host, under Accessories.
If not, check it to install, or better yet, download the latest version (5.6) from Microsoft, rather than installing the older version supplied with Windows setup. You can get the latest by clicking here.

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New Toolbars

CNET SearchBar
The CNET SearchBar is a customizable Internet Explorer toolbar that sits at the top of your browser. It allows you to quickly access and search your favorite sites

Google Toolbar
The new Google Toolbar increases your ability to find information from anywhere on the web without returning to the Google home page to begin another search.

Yahoo Companion
Customize your toolbar with buttons for your favorite Yahoo! services. It saves your favorite bookmarks online and access them from any computer.

Shantanu's Link Bar
Click and drag these links to your Links Toolbar.

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