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HTML to Slide Show IE

This tool constructs a PowerPoint-like slide show based on an existing HTML document. Press Esc to start the slide show. Offline files are also available:

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Import / Export

If you have got a new computer, you need to export your bookmarks from your old computer and import into the new one.
1) If exporting from IE: File - Import and Export - Choose Export favorites.
2) If exporting from Firefox: Bookmarks - Manage Bookmarks... From File menu on the new window, choose Export.

A file called bookmarks.htm will be created.
You will have to copy it to the new computer and import it.
1) If importing to IE: File - Import and Export - Choose Import favorites.
2) If importing to Firefox: Bookmarks - Manage Bookmarks... From File menu on the new window, choose Import.

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Messenger Annoyances

You must have noticed that whenever you sign in to your Yahoo or MSN Messenger, you see a pop up advertisement window. You can get rid of it.
1. For Yahoo Messenger users: Choose Preferences from Login. Deselect the check box next to "Show Yahoo! Insider when I login.
2. For MSN Messenger users: Choose Options from Tools. Deselect "Display MSN Today when Messenger signs in" check box on General Tab.

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Bookmark Manager

Though yahoo's bookmarks manager "" is the best, a lot of people find it difficult to use.
Save This is not only more user friendly but also has a few more useful features like "email this" or "share".
SAVE THIS is a free service offered by Clickability that enables you to quickly gather, save, organize, email and share links to Web pages and information as you surf. With SAVE THIS, you can access your links anytime from any computer connected to the Web. Group Folders are one of the most powerful features of SAVE THIS because they enable you to share your bookmarks with others.
When a group member wants to add a link, they simply save it to the folder, and everybody's folder is instantly updated. Other useful bookmark organizers are...

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Yahoo Shortcuts

Click on compose in your yahoo mail as you do usually. Right click anywhere on the page and choose "create Shortcut". Click on "Ok" when prompted. Right click on the recently created shortcut icon on the desktop and Choose Properties. In the URL field type (Replace the email address with your friend's email). You can also assign a shortcut key if you desire. Type an appropriate name to this shortcut under General Tab. Next time simply double click on the shortcut icon to send an email to your friend.

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IE Shortcuts

I recently found THE easiest way to use quickbase. Now whenever I want to search a database, I type the databasename:value in the address bar. For e.g. to find for the word "john" in the database maildata I type the following in the address bar.
It's an IE shortcut and will expand to...

I tried this utility called "iehelpers" when I read about it in the Lockergnome newsletter.

You may download "" from...
Unzip and run install.bat file.

More information about how to create shortcuts is available here...

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URL Capture

{save all opened browser windows}
URL Capture allows you to save all opened browser windows with their addresses and restores them on your demand. You can also save a set of your favorite URLs to a file and restore them by one mouce click at any time. In addition, the program features a Bosskey, allowing you to quickly perform an action.

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Updating files on the server

I had never thought it's possible to drag and drop files from your local computer to the web server. I think it's supported only on Windows 2000. Goto the site
It will ask for the password. Once you have typed the password you can simply browse your server and drag and drop the files from your local computer to the web server.
There is so much I have learnt accidentally!

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Chatting Made productive

Boldchat is the best service that allows you to chat with your customers while they visit your website. The price is just right! Free for basic features and 5 to 40 dollars per month per seat for the features like, History Emails or Standard Messages. The service has the potential to become a right tool for corporate messaging needs. I just had a chat session with Kent Johnson, who runs his company Bravestorm, LLC from Wichita, Kansas, USA. He informed me that the service was started in February 03 and in just 8 months he has managed to earn 11000 accounts. Pretty impressive! I will watch the service and the man behind it as well!

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Simple RSS reader and Active Desktop

I have recently written a PHP script to read your favorite RSS Feeds in your browser. You can use this cookie based feed reader that "remembers" your RSS feeds and display the contents everytime you visit this page.

Make the above mentioned page as your Home page. You can use the Active Desktop to make your desktop act like your own personal Web page. You can display pieces of your favorite RSS feeds directly on your desktop and keep them up-to-date automatically.
To enable the Active Desktop, right-click an empty area on the desktop, Select Properties and choose Web tab. Make sure "Show web content on my active desktop". You may select "My Current Home Page" as your desktop if you have made the above RSS feed reader page as your home page. To disable the Active Desktop, deselect "Show Web content".

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