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You know how to check out the images of the given word in google by clicking on the appropriate link on the google search page. But did you know that when you search for "mango" on this page....

you get pictures of banana, apple, Strawberry, pineapple and other fruits?

It combines Google sets and Google images. So just type in the name of something, word, description etc and see what images Google turns up.

Way too much fun, way too addictive. (for e.g. mars, red, George Bush)

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Translate and convert currency using Google SMS

By sending a text message to 46645 in the US, or 64664 in the UK (GOOGL or 6GOOG, respectively), you can translate a word or simple phrase into French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish - to or from English. Just enter 'translate' or 't' followed by a word or expression, and the
languages to and from which you want it translated (e.g., 't gas station from english to german'). To convert from one currency to another, simply enter the conversion you'd like completed (e.g., '3.5 USD in GBP').

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Google Glitch

This must be a glitch at Google. Search for anything with Google and it will not let you navigate beyond the first page of results. The only option is to download Google Desktop. Seems to only effect Internet Explorer.

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Yahoo email alias

Yahoo have started giving “dot” email addresses. Now you can have two Yahoo mail ids for one account. I had shantanuo [at] as my email ID. But now I created oak.shantanu [at] a secondary email ID for the same account. This means if you mail me on any of both addresses, I get the mails on the same account. I can sign into my account with any of both email IDs.

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Firefox default to yahoo!

Changing firefox defaults from google to yahoo takes a few things. First, goto about:config and change keyword.URL to so typing search terms in the addressbar will take you to Yahoo! rather than doing a Google I’m feeling lucky search, change to Yahoo so that selecting text and choosing Search Web for from the context menu would search at Yahoo, and change to Yahoo so Google wouldn’t be on top.

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Ekadashi dates module for google home page

Fast Dates for Hindu festival of Ekadashi.

1) Goto Google home page
2) Click on Add content link
3) Copy paste the above link in the text box.

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Using the Google query

inurl:"viewerframe?mode=refresh" -- you are provided with nearly 2,000 worldwide security cameras, most of which allow you to control the actual cameras(!). Pan, tilt, and zoom your way through computer labs in Russia and parking facilities in Japan. Cams aren't hosted on regular web servers--be patient.

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What's this google?

The Google Web Accelerator recently caused a commotion because it was automatically clinking links that people didn’t want clicked.

I’m talking about links like “delete”, “logout”, and “launch the nukes”.

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What time is it?

The "real" application anyone can use based on google Map!
Type mumbai and you will know what time is it in Mumbai and other details to help you call a telephone number.

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Google = Internet?

Heise yesterday reported that German DSL provider “Alice/Hansenet” had connection problems. People were not able to surf the web. Today, Heise posts an update to the story; Hansenet were researching into the case and realized there were no problems. Instead, it is now very likely that many people simply set Google as their homepage, and as Google had major outages in at least Germany yesterday, thought their internet connection didn’t work!

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change your server time to
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Transfer root emails to another
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special strings in cron Instead
of the first five fields, you can use any one...
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compare mysql schema And here
is poor man's schema compare using good old diff command......
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Selecting from error log grep
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Rank mysql records using variables
SET @rank = 0, @prev_val = NULL; SELECT rank, correct...
by shantanuo (1/26/20 9:45 AM)

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