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managing crons

We can use logger command in a crontab.

59 23 * /home/john/bin/ > /home/john/logs/backup.log | logger -t backup 2>&1

It is also possible to skip the standard error and let mailto send you the errors:

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Saving files in VI

You can save the current file as a new file after making changes,
:w new_file.txt

If you want only 50 lines starting from line number 100, use...
:100,150w! new_file.txt

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IP addresses from access log

generate a list of IP address along with the number of times each was encountered and sort

cat access_log | awk '{print $1}' | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr

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Backup a directory


tar czvf $1.$(date +%Y%m%d-%H%M%S).tgz $1
exit $?

The arc script accepts a single file or directory name as a parameter and creates a compressed archive file with the current date embedded into the resulting archive file's name.

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read .csv file


awk -F"," '{print $1,$2}' read1.txt | while read var1 var2
echo $var1 $var2

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findtable shell script

vi /bin/findtable



chmod 777 /bin/findtable

sh findtable test

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Unix cheatsheets

Cheat sheet act as a reference tool which provides cut and paste kind of commands to complete a specific task. I often recommend following set of best cheat sheets to students and IT professionals. It include Linux / UNIX command and shell scripting.

Read more: Top 10 Best Cheat Sheets and Tutorials for Linux / UNIX Commands

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compress and send

scp is the standard command to copy a folder or files. You can also compress the files before sending it as shown below. In this test I am using a folder with 4 files of 3.5 MB size. The time is reduced to 5 seconds from 40 seconds.

time scp /root/shantanu/* root@

root@'s password:
iostat0111.log 100% 46KB 46.3KB/s 00:00
mystats.txt 100% 201KB 201.5KB/s 00:00
top0111.log 100% 3219KB 100.6KB/s 00:32
vmstat0111.log 100% 21KB 20.7KB/s 00:00

real 0m39.844s
user 0m0.053s
sys 0m0.021s

time tar zcf - shantanu | ssh "cd /root/shantanu/; tar zpxvf -"

root@'s password:

real 0m5.326s
user 0m0.068s
sys 0m0.015s

If you type the full path to the folder /root/shantanu/ then a new folder in the destination folder will be created with the same path.

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